Moksha is a Woman.

She learns how to love herself and how to find understanding for others.
She doesn’t care about the size, rather she looks for the beauty hidden
inside her. She knows that all women are exceptional, and she helps them
to find what is the most unique about themselves.

Moksha through her clothes wants to express who she is inside. She looks
for the expression of her emotions and her personality traits. All in total
harmony/balance between her wardrobe and her body – letting her body
be the way it wants to be in the given moment.

She is changeable.

She perfectly knows that every woman is too complicated to have just the
one style and just the one personality. That’s why she looks for the clothes
that will give her the possibility to juggle with her image on her own rules.

She is conscious.
She is self-conscious and aware of her needs. Her internal and her image
needs. She is aware she is a part of the planet she lives on. She surrounds it
with the same care that she cares about other women.

Moksha is you.